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The Coastline in Bulgaria

If you are looking for endless beach stripes of fine golden sand, try the hidden jems of Bulgaria. Most of the beaches in the country have won numerous awards for environmental awareness; the water and beach are closely monitored for toxins and there is solar-powered transportation on offer.

The resorts on the Bulgarian coastline are popular worldwide, because of the great conditions they offer to the thousands lovers of the sea. The bright sun, the endless stripes of fine golden sand, the beautiful bays with transparent waters turn the summer holiday into a major factor for health prevention. The nature in the Bulgarian Black sea coast is highly varied. 130 kilometers is just beach stripes most of them consist of fine golden sand. In some places the wind has gathered it in elongated sand dunes, giving the coast a peculiar romance.
The rest of the coastline is either high, rocky and the sea surf founded wonderful forms. There are also low and boggy places where the humid and warm air made it overgrowth with plants that some places look like jungles. In other words the coastline of the Black sea in Bulgaria is a really wonderful place for holiday, recreation, balneology, bird watching, historical sight- seeing, wreck diving and many other activities. We will generally divide the black sea coast in two – Northern and Southern.

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