Author Cotidianul, Romania, Kristina Olivia Moldovan,16 August 2005
Date 17 August 2010

It’s cleaner, prettier and cheaper in Bulgaria than at home – in Romania. Bulgarian coast is more generous: sea, woods and limestone hills. The resorts at the Bulgarian seaside offer a great variety: diving, excursions in the forests and trips on the sea. Prices at the Romanian seaside grew by 10% this year compared to the prices in the same period last year, which is something that did not happen in Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s beaches are cleaner, the seawater is more limpid, and there are various entertainment possibilities: different tourist agencies offer various sightseeing routs and trips in the woods. There are tens of such excursions at the price of only EUR 10 – EUR 35 per a day, head of the Sales Department at the Romanian EuroTravel agency Adrian Stan says.

The Quiet Nest
The Bulgarian town of Balchik is located on the Bulgarian seaside, and it takes just four hours to get from Constanta to Balchik. It is full of small houses made of stone, and the tourist attraction there is the Castle of Queen Maria. In the period between the two world wars Balchik used to be the culture center of Dobrudzha. This town had inspired painters. Over 150 artists visited the town every summer. Queen Maria found the town in 1942 and built a castle whose architecture had been inspired by the style of the Turkish houses. She called the castle “The Quiet Nest”. She used to spend almost half of the year in the castle. Queen Maria also built a small church where she wanted her heart to be laid after her death. This is what did actually happen in October 1933, when the Queen’s heart was wrapped in a flag and put in a transparent box.

The Peninsula Town Varna – the sea capital city of Bulgaria, is the biggest one located on the Bulgarian seaside. People can visit the Roman and Byzantine ruins, as well as the Navy Museum, which used to be the base of the navy for a long time. Here you can go diving to submarine caves or to see the remains of sunk ships. The resort of Zlatni Pyasatsi (Golden Sands) is at about 17 km away from Varna. Investments in the resort over the last few years have yielded the construction of many new four and five-star hotels. Tourist agencies organize sea trips and visits to the ancient town of Nesebar, which is one of the oldest towns in Europe. In the town, located on a peninsula, you can see over 40 churches and a great number of well-preserved buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. The resort of Slanchev Bryag (Sunny Beach) is located nearby. Slanchev Bryag is the biggest Bulgarian resort located on a bay with an 8km-long beach.

Sea and Exotic Woods
The resort of St. St. Konstantin and Elena is located at about 10 km from Varna. It is the oldest balneology resort surrounded by a park and full of a great number of mineral water pools. One of the newest and most beautiful resorts at the Bulgarian seaside is the resort of Albena with a 5km long beach. The national preserve Baltata is also located nearby. It is a combination of sea and exotic woods. The resort offers over 40 hotels, 19 hot mineral pools, riding club, bowling halls, sports fields and exiting nightlife. Well-off tourists can also visit the Riviera Holiday Club, which the former government residency. It is a luxurious base located in a park, at about 17 km away from Varna, near the resort of Zlatni Pyasatsi.

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