Aheloy is located on the motorway Bourgas Nessebar. The coastline near Aheloy is well maintained and provides perfect conditions for a summer holiday. The beaches in Aheloy are 56 000 sq. m. Aheloy is famous for its beautiful fruit gardens and vine yards. Aheloy is a unique mixture of still preserved green sites, calm and pleasant sea and long and sandy beaches.

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    The town of Aheloy is located near the mouth of Aheloy River on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is situated on the motorway Bourgas - Nessebar, between Bourgas to the north and Nessebar, Sunny Beach and St. Vlas to the south.

    Beach and climate

    The coastline near Aheloy is well maintained and provides very good conditions for a summer beach holiday. The beaches in Aheloy comprises an area of 56 000 sq. m.

    The resort of Aheloy is famous for its fruit gardens and vine yards. Visitors enjoy the opportunity to taste organic vegetables and fruits straight from the gardens.

    The resort offers a mixture of long sandy beaches, green sites, pleasant and calm sea. The sea breeze has a positive impact on the local climate, providing conditions for a relaxing beach holiday.

    Bars and restaurants

    Small local restaurants serve sea food and dishes from the Bulgarian cuisine. A lot of cafes offer snack and drinks in the village and at the beach.


    Regular bus lines connect Aheloy to Bourgas. Minibuses, route taxis and ordinary taxis run south to Bourgas and north to Nessebar and Sunny Beach resorts.

  • Comments on Aheloy  (3)
    • Ed Hutch from Ireland
      Sent on 31 May 2010
      WE have an apartment in Aheloy Marina Cape.It is a great place and the people of Aheloy are so friendly and helpful.Good local shops.Excellent bus service ,great location, reccomend Ed
    • Chris Longmore from UK
      Sent on 28 January 2010
      Aheloy has great potential, those getting an apartment there now will most definitely be in the best position for investment and enjoyment!
    • Kossara Tucker from Australia
      Sent on 14 July 2006
      Was scanning the internet, trying to discover the meaning of my name when your hotel website popped up. Quite strange. Was delighted to see 'Kossara' is so beautiful however, and strongly intend on coming to stay there, should I ever be so priveleged to travel to your country. Best of luck with your gorgeous hotel!
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