Aheloy became a town

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Date 08 January 2009

The government of the Republic of Bulgaria announced Aheloy village, near Bourgas for a town. The decision was taken after a proposition made by the mayor of Pomorie Municipality. The settlement was announced a climatic sea resort in 1967 and corresponds to all requirements to be a town. The residents of the town are 2193. Aheloy offers well developed social and technical infrastructure. The town is also a tourism and trade centre. All this combined with the unique nature recourses of the town provide great opportunities for development of Aheloy as a tourism destination.

Comments on Aheloy became a town (2)
    • Ed Hutch from Ireland
      Sent on 31 May 2010
      WE have an apartment in Aheloy Marina Cape.It is a great place and the people of Aheloy are so friendly and helpful.Good local shops.Excellent bus service ,great location, reccomend Ed
    • Chris Longmore from UK
      Sent on 28 January 2010
      Aheloy has great potential, those getting an apartment there now will most definitely be in the best position for investment and enjoyment!