Byala is a small resort situated 50 km south of Varna. Byala offers wide beaches, clean sea water and broad-leaved forest. The shore line of Byala is characterized by combination of a rocky shore, small bays, beach lines with sand dunes. Karadere, one of Bulgaria's last remaining wild beaches with pristine dunes and freshwater wetlands is situated in Byala vicinity. There are several hotels, camping areas and a lot of holiday homes in the resort. Byala is a rich wine center, with traditions in the wine industry that date back from ancient times.

  • Byala resort


    Byala is a small resort situated on a picturesque Black sea coast, 50 km south of the town of Varna, 80 km northeast of the town of Bourgas.

    Beach and climate

    Byala offers clean sea water, wide beaches, broad-leaved forest. The coast of Byala is steep. It is characterized by combination of rocky shore, sandy beaches dotted with dunes and small bays.

    Karadere beach with dunes and freshwater wetlands is located in Byala vicinity. Karadere is one of Bulgaria's last remaining wild beaches.


    There are several hotels, holiday homes and camping areas in Byala.


    The places of interest in the resort are the ethnographic complex with traditional local houses, White rocks center that offers demonstrations of the formation of the white rocks.

    Byala is a wine center with traditions in the wine industry from the ancient times.

    Remains of an antiquity fortress can be found close to the town.


    There is a small port that provides opportunities for yachts and small ships to land on the coast of Byala.

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    • Dragos from Romania
      Sent on 05 April 2010
      The location on the map is somewere in center of bulgaria, so were is it next to varna or next to gabrovo. Best regards
    • aka from UK
      Sent on 08 September 2009
      No sign of any development as yet, there's been too much development in recent years and now the property market is saturated...and perhaps it's a good thing as the area in question is a beautiful coastal wilderness, with acres of ancient and still productive grape vines nearby.
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