Golden Sands

Golden Sands resort is situated 19 km from the city of Varna. It merges with St. St. Konstantin and Elena Resort and Riviera resort. Golden Sands is the largest resort on the Northern Black Sea coast. The area is famous for the purest sand on the Black Sea coast. The resort is abundant in lush vegetation and with the numerous bushes and trees it resembles a real park. Golden Sands is marked as a Blue Flag resort, that is the beaches and the sea at Golden Sands are kept clean and pollution free. There are hundreds of hotels of different categories and prices in the resort, most of which are situated amidst broad-leaved forests. Golden Sands offers an aqua park and plenty of water sports to practice.

  • Golden Sands resort


    Golden Sands resort is situated 19 km north-east of Varna and 490 km east of Sofia. North of Golden Sands resort is located Kranevo resort and south is Chaika holiday village. Golden Sands merges with Riviera resort and St. St. Constantine and Elena Resort resort.

    Beach and climate

    Golden Sands resort occupies more than 1800 hectares in the Northern Black Sea coast. Golden Sands is famous for the purest sand on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The resort resembles a park with its numerous trees and bushes.

    Hot mineral water springs and lush woodlands cascading from the Franga Plateau turn the resort into one of the most preferable tourist sites. The air temperature from May to September is 18 - 28C, and the water temperature is around 18-24C.

    The combination of mineral waters and a specific climate is successfully used for treatment of neurosis, arthritis, asthma, stress, chronic pharyngitis, bronchitis, etc.

    The sea and the beaches of Golden Sands resort are clean and pollution free, that why Golden Sands is marked as a Blue Flag resort.

    The beach of Golden sands is full of sunbeds and parasols. You can pay to use them or you can place your towel at the free zones behind the sunbeds.


    There are hundreds of hotels of different categories and prices in the resort. Most them are located amidst broad-leaved forests. Most of the hotels offer all inclusive accommodation. Check out the hotels in Golden Sands in the left menu, book online or contact us for more information.

    Bars and restaurants

    Thousands of bars, restaurants, fast-food bars, grill- and toast-bars are scattered along the alleys of Golden Sands. They offer Bulgarian and international cuisine. The resort is famous for its night life, multiple bars and clubs.


    Golden sands offers abundant of activities for all ages. There are casinos, mini-golf playground, attractive carts, horse-carriages, over 20 outdoor swimming pools, water slides. Golden Sands offers an aqua park and plenty opportunities for water sports.

    Golden Sands is an attractive resort not only for young people, but for families with children. There are numerous attractions for children – an aqua park with various installations and slides, sports centers, pony riding, children discos and animation.

    A number of events and competitions take place in Golden Sands such as the Strongest Man Competition, competitions for all breeds of dogs, Miss and Mister "Golden Sands" Competition, Satellite Tennis Tournament, International Festival for Standard and Sport Dances, Old-fashioned Auto Rally, etc.

    The Aladzha rock monastery that is one of the most interesting landmarks is situated 4 km from Golden Sands. There are also multiple places of interest in the nearby city of Varna, such as the Dolphinarium, the Maritime Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the Aquarium, etc.


    Golden Sands provides diverse sea sports options – yachting, surfing, water skiing, jet skiing, balloons rides, water parachuting, etc. Diving centers, volleyball fields, tennis courts, platforms for archery, paintball, horse riding, bowling hall, over 30 tennis courts, volleyball and basketball fields are available here.


    The transport between Golden Sands and the city of Varna is well organized. One of the advantages of Golden Sands is being very close to Varna International Airport, that is why flights are available during the whole year and there are regular bus lines from the city. There are many minibuses and private taxis.

  • Comments on Golden Sands  (150)
    • Tanq from italy
      Sent on 10 May 2012
      Io voglio ringraziare per la vostra ospitalita e buona accoglienza e gentilezza. Tutto era brilante pulito.. Il giardino e sistemato e la piscina e stupendamente pulita, complimenti. Prossimo anno vengo di nuovo con risspeto Tanq
    • La from Iran
      Sent on 11 September 2011
      we were staying in Melia hotel for a week, environment and weather was good but food and deserts in the hotel was not good at all, hotel didnt have private beach so we had to pay for bed and umbrella in the beach. rooms was not made up properly every day. Though Golden sands is a touristic place but most of people have a poor knowledge of English even staff in the hotel. There were no slippers in the room. Taxi to Varna is expensive and there is only one free shuttle bus from International hotel for many people in queue and rude Russians and locals were pushing people to get in the bus. exchange places normally write selling price which is much higher than buying rates. Varna is not a safe city, lots of thieves and pickpockets, you dont realize when they steal your belongings.
    • IrinaMC from Romania
      Sent on 04 September 2011
      Besides that we were ROBBED by thiefs entering the room while we were sleeping, it was great. I was at Madara the 3rd year in a row, as I found it cheap and pleasant and this time I took my family with me, besides my boyfriend. We occupied 3 rooms, all were given to us at the 1st floor, where the balconies are not protected in any special way and they are pretty easy to climb, which we only realised too late. At the Reception no one advised us to keep the balcony closed at all times, so during the night 2 of my relatives who were sharing a room and didn't want to sleep with the air conditioning on, slept with the balcony door open. In the morning they realised someone entered the room at night, while they were sleeping, they even HEARD the guy, and went through their stuff, stealing my aunt's wallet with money & documents, as they couldn't find any jewelry. Thank God she didn't wake up, or she could've been killed!! In the morning, the only answer of the hotel was "You shouldn't have slept with the door open." They didn't even APOLOGIZE. I said: "Why didn't you warn us when you gave us the rooms???" I was surprised to find out their surveilance cameras didn't "show anything conclusive" around my aunt's balcony, so they were useless. And the hotel didn't have bodyguards, although it seems to be a habbit for the Bulgarian hotels that the people staying at the first floor to be stolen - they said it was a "common fact" and promissed that the thiefs aren't Bulgarian, but Russian. It was like in a Kafka novel, so I asked: "Why didn't you make us attentive if your cameras don't record anything, if you don't have security and if you know that everything is being stolen here?????" The Bulgarian Police were a nightmare. They kept my aunt at the precinct for 5 hours to give her a 1 page document in BULGARIAN with a stamp, that served as proof for the burglary. And they charged 20 Leva for that. They didn't even come to look at what happened at the hotel and very relaxed told us that they get such complaints daily and thiefs usually go and empty as much as possible from your credit cards in some smart Bulgarian gas stations where they can repeatedly extract small amounts of money without entering the PIN number!!! The hotel's "it's not my fault" attitude and the police's lack of interest convinced me that they're all in a big mafia team with the burglars. Otherwise why would a 4 stars hotel not have enough cameras/bodyguards? And why would the police not come at a crime's place? The cherry on top was that the hotel asked my aunt to pay 10 Leva for calling the police from her room. I was like: "You must be #@$#@@ kidding! She HAS NO MONEY, they were all stolen in YOUR hotel, remember?" So don't go there. I'm surely not coming back.
    • Anny Kristensen from Denmark
      Sent on 09 August 2011
      A wonderful week in Admiral Hotel from 23. of june. Returning to Golden Sands on the 18th of august for 5 weeks. Two weeks at the Admiral Hotel, and 3 weeks at the Astoria. Looking so foreward to those weeks.
    • SI from Romania
      Sent on 01 July 2011
      I have been in this hotel for 3 days for a conference/teambuilding. I have had the unpleasant surprise to discover in the checkout day that half of my silver julery had dissapeared in the morning, while i was downstairs for breakfast. Hotel security did not manage to find the made that took all my rings and since i could not prolongue my stay, i could not go to the police and have them take all fingerprints. I was more dissapointed when i found out that one of my coleagus had also a leather jacket stolen on her previous stay in this hotel. So seems there is a pretty made that likes jullery and clothes that do not belong to her. So watch out, lock everything in the safe, including clothes, maybe this way you will still have everything you came with when you leave.
    • Anny Kristeensen / Flemming Stabell from Denmark
      Sent on 08 September 2010
      Once again - thanks to the Admiral Hotel, for giving a perfect service. We will return to you in week 34 next year, as we have for the last three years. Looking forward to be back in wonderful Bulgaria.
    • Adrian Woodroffe from Romania
      Sent on 24 August 2010
      The amount and quality of freshly prepared and varied food in the hotel's restaurant was amazing. Staff in the restaurant were very attentive, well-mannered, courteous and very helpful. The swimming pools were kept clean and the 'Animation' entertainment for children and adults throughout the day, as well as the evening performances by the poolside, were excellent. A most enjoyable holiday!
    • Anny Kristensen/Flemming Stabell from Denmark
      Sent on 22 July 2010
      So exited. Only one month to go. Looking foreward to be back in Golden Sands, and to meet with friends Albena, Evgeni and Bojidara. Can hardly wait to be back in this wonderfull country again.
    • George Ghinea from Romania
      Sent on 05 July 2010
      Hello, I recently visited with family and friends Golden Sands Marina Grand Hotel and want to make a remark. No parking without paying!! Security personnel to ask for money on parking places (too small for this hotel, about 20 places) they tell you otherwise go to where you came! Their behavior is unacceptable ....
    • Weis Patrick from Luxemburg
      Sent on 09 June 2010
      Please can you resend me my voucher of reservation i made from 30.06.10 to 04.07.10 i was making reservation for a dobleroom and the sumn was around 264 euro if i remember well but please resend me cause i lost thank you very much Weis P 00352 621 23 00 28
  • Recommended hotels

    Some of the best hotels in Golden sands are Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Varna, Melia Hotel Grand Hermitage, Grifid hotels, RIU Dolce Vita, Slavey hotel, Morsko Oko hotel, Helios hotel, etc. Most of the hotels are located directly on the beach or in a park. Hotels in Golden Sands offer all necessarily facilities for a beach holiday.Browse the hotels in Golden Sands, choose the one that suits you best, fill in the booking form and our representative will be in contact with you shortly.

    • International Hotel      
      Resort: Golden Sands Show map
      International Hotel Casino & Towers offers prime location, just 50 m from the sandy beach in Golden Sands. The hotel is within easy reach to the resort's centre. Breathtaking views to the Black Sea are reviewed from the...
      Book now 0.0/5
    • Best deal
      Price from 52 €/night For Single Park room
      Check all prices
      Marina Grand Beach      
      Resort: Golden Sands Show map
      Marina Grand Beach Hotel is located next to the beach in the southern part of Golden Sands resort. The hotel is surrounded by...
      Book now 3.2/5
    • Price from 92 €/night For Single Park room
      Check all prices
      Melia Hotel Grand Hermitage      
      Resort: Golden Sands Show map
      Melia Grand Hermitage hotel (ex Kempinski Hotel Grand Hermitage) is a luxurious hotel, situated on the beach front in Golden Sands, just 100 m from the Black sea. The hotel is set on a beautiful hillside, next to a quiet chapel, surrounded by...
      Book now 4.0/5
    • Price from 107 €/night For Single Park room
      Check all prices
      Apollo Spa resort     
      Resort: Golden Sands Show map
      Apollo Spa Resort (ex.Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Varna) is located just off the A9 Highway. The hotel is set in the ancient and protected forest of Golden Sands Natural Park, overlooking the Black Sea coast just 30 minutes from Varna...
      Book now 5.0/5
    • Best deal
      Price from 63 €/night For Single Room
      Check all prices
      Berlin Golden Beach Hotel     
      Resort: Golden Sands Show map
      LTI - Berlin Golden Beach Hotel is set on the white sands of Black Sea Coast, in the northern part of Golden Sands resort. The yacht port is in close proximity. The unique location and impressive architecture of the hotel, combined with the...
      Book now 3.8/5
    • Best deal
      Price from 67 €/night For Single Room
      Check all prices
      Berlin Green Park Hotel     
      Resort: Golden Sands Show map
      LTI Berlin Green Park Hotel is situated in a quiet park on a hillside, overlooking the Black Sea coast. The upper floors offer a splendid panoramic sea view. The property is ideally located at few minutes walking distance from the beach and...
      Book now 0.0/5
    • Early booking
      Price from 56 €/night For Single Room
      Check all prices
      Gladiola Star Hotel     
      Resort: Golden Sands Show map
      Gladiola Star hotel is located in the center of Golden Sands less than 100 meters from the beautiful beach. The hotel offers a stunning view towards the...
      Book now 0.0/5
    • Price from 71 €/night For Studio
      Check all prices
      Golden Line Aparthotel     
      Resort: Golden Sands Show map
      Golden Line aparthotel is located just 70 m from the beach in the central part of Golden Sands. There is а bus stop to Varna, just 300 metres away. Varna Airport is 25 km away and there is a shuttle service available on...
      Book now 0.0/5
    • Price from 61 €/night For Single room DeLux Sea view
      Check all prices
      Grifid Arabella Hotel     
      Resort: Golden Sands Show map
      Grifid Arabella hotel is separated only by an animated promenade from the beach in Golden Sands resort. The hotel is located just 50 m from the centre and the shopping street in the...
      Book now 4.3/5
    • Price from 58 €/night For Single Lux room
      Check all prices
      Grifid Bolero Hotel     
      Resort: Golden Sands Show map
      Grifid Club Hotel Bolero is situated amid a lovely park, not far away from the beach of Golden sands resort. The hotel is surrounded by a beautiful garden, lavish greenery and flowers....
      Book now 5.0/5
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