Sozopol is located on a scenic bay along the southern Bulgarian coast, about 35 km south of Burgas. Sozopol is one of the oldest Bulgarian coastal towns. There are 2 beaches in the town of Sozopol: the Central beach and the Harmani beach, as well as a few excellent beaches and campgrounds close to Sozopol. The city is divided into the Old Town and the modern part of the town. The Old Town mainly offers romantic old houses for accommodation, whereas the modern part of the town is full of hotels of different categories and prices. The resort is famous for its night life, campsites and beaches that offer diverse sports activities such as jet skiing, surfing, beach volleyball, etc.

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    The town of Sozopol is situated on a beautiful bay in the southern part of Bulgarian Black sea coast, 35 km south of Burgas. Sozopol is one of the oldest coastal towns on the Bulgarian Black sea.

    Beach and climate

    Sozopol offers two beaches - the Central beach and the Harmani beach. There are also a few excellent beaches and campgrounds close to Sozopol: Zlatna Ribka (Golden Fish), Gradina (Garden), Smokinya (Fig Tree), Veselie and Kavatsi. Read more about the beaches of Sozopol here ...


    Sozopol consists of an old part and new part of the town. The Old Town mainly offers romantic old houses for accommodation, whereas the new part of the town is full of hotels of different categories and prices, from small family hotels to luxury hotels, from bungalows to guest houses. Check out the hotels in Sozopol in the left menu, book online and contact us for more information.

    Bars and restaurants

    Numerous of bars, restaurants, fast-foods, grill- and toast-bars are scattered along the alleys of Sozopol. They offer diverse Bulgarian and international cuisine. The resort is famous for its night life, the multiple clubs, discotheques and bars. Morski Skali and Milet sea-facing streets are dotted with small bars and restaurants.


    In July and August Sozopol is very busy, whereas in the off-season it is calm fishing town and a favored stop of writers and artists. In 1974 the Old town of Sozopol was declared a museum-reserve. It includes more than 180 residences and houses from the National Revival period in 18th - 19th centuries. The houses built of wood and stone with Mediterranean-style red-tiled roofs conform to the so-called Black Sea school of architecture.

    The biggest festivals in Sozopol are the Apollonia Festival (1 – 10 September) and the July Celebration (30 June – 01 July).


    The beaches of Sozopol offer opportunities for diverse sport activities such as surfing, boating, jet skiing, fishing, beach volleyball.


    Sozopol is well-connected by public bus transport system with Bourgas and other neighbor resorts. The road from Bourgas to Sozopol is very good and the distance is about 35 km.
    If you are coming by car from Bourgas take the road going to the south and the resorts of Primorsko, Chernomorets and Kiten. Follow the signs to Sozopol. Reaching the town turn right for the New town and left for the Old town. The access to the old town by car is limited.

    The small bus station is situated opposite the seaside park. There is a taxi stand in front of it. Private vans depart from a turn-around 50 m west. Private "boat-taxis" go to Nessebar, Bourgas, Varna and other resorts and towns.

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    • Steven Brogden from England
      Sent on 05 July 2011
      My wife and I and small dog were walking past Saint Thomas Hotel yesterday 4.7.11 when your guard dog broke loose and savaged our dog, and myself I was badly bitten on the arm, scratched on my body.My wife also knocked to the ground and scratched.It took three saint tomas guards to hold the dog down, and to stop the rotweiler from attacking us futher, at this point our dog was held in the rotwielers mouth.To stop the rotwieler I had to hit it twice on the head with a concret brick which was on the floor, had this not been there I don,t know what the out come would have been.Many thanks to the hotel doctors and all who saved us.
    • C armstrong from Uk
      Sent on 06 August 2010
      Out of this world location like no other. Pools fantastic and dolphins in the cove fantastic for familys and couples wanting a relaxing time. Ten minutes in taxi or bus takes you to sozopol old town for many bars and restaurants. Worth every penny and we will go back it's not often you can say that.....
    • trzykrotka from POLAND
      Sent on 19 July 2010
      I am really disappointed with time I spent in this complex. Starting with excellent locaion I thought that I 'll spend two weeks in earth paradise , but unfortunatelly now I am after one week and except great company of friends of mine only few things are on standard presented in adverts. IF YOU DONT WANT TO BE DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS HOTEL FOLLOW THIS RULES: 1) Avoid contact with manager LUDMIŁA NENKOVA - She will learn you how to speak English - what does it mean LOBBY and what you can do there and what you don't - for example you can't play family remik with children ( intelectual game , time: 8pm) - if you won't change place , she will TURN OFF LIGHT IN LOBBY. She is very rude, agressive and she doesn't respect hotel guests. 2) FORGET ABOUT HOTEL BEACH YOU SAW ON ADVERT PICTURES! It is like disapearing point! You can see there only stinking seaweed and MEMORIES after its prosperity. 3) IF YOU WANT TO GO ON BEACH - Prepare yourself for long walk or waiting for transport, but don't be too happy - it takes 10 persons every 30 minutes. 4) WHEN YOU WANT VISIT SOZOPOL - It's some kind of sport - transport is every day at 10.30 ( back about 13) TAKES ABOUT 8 PERSONS ( ONLY ONE TURN!!!) , and once for 2 days in the evening - OLSO ONE TURN. Can anyone explain me for what I whas given a free ticket for this transport as it is impossible to use it - now I am after 3 tries ? It is not a problem , when you have a car , but it is not a good information for turists coming by PLANE. 5) DON'T FORGET FLIP-FLOPS FOR SWIMMING POOLS - The area is dirty , full of swallows shits and also sometimes you can step in pieces of glass. By the way pools are very nice. 6) BE AWARE OF FALLING SAILING - It is just an additional entertainment during dinner. 7) ATRACTION OF THE DAY ( today ) was " atested " chemistry in garden next to swimming pool full of people ( adults and children ) wchich couses tears and breathing problems. If you are sensitive better take gas mask. 8) SURPRISE! You never know when your room would be made up . 9) IF YOU WANT TO USE WARDEOBE - take one with you , becouse in hotel one , instead of shelves you will find huge dribbling boiler. 10)SHOWER - It is not obvious that it will work - it can be lacking pipe for 24hours wanting to be fair i have to mantion that food and service is very good except contact with LUDMIŁA - IT IS REALLY SCREAMING ORGASM! I STILL HAVE TO BE HERE DURING NEXT WEEK , IF I WERE SUPPRISED BY SOMETHING ( +/- ) I WOULD WRITE WITH PLEASURE. TO BE CONTINUED...
    • Zornitza Karamanova from Bulgaria
      Sent on 21 June 2010
      Excellent location, perfect for quiet holiday. However, braking into apartments is very common, stealing from cars at the FREE parking place is an every day thing. So if you do not have a car you are fine. If you go there you have to demand an apartment at the villa places with CTTV , otherwise noone takes responsibility for the breakiing in. Police is practically non excistent, since they will do NOTHING. Beware of the hotel Manager - Mrs. Nenkova. I advise no direct contact. The woman needs to get acquainted with good conduct practises. Nice location is not sufficient, good management should be part of the package as well. Sadly, it is not.
    • Gyrgy Hornyk from Hungary
      Sent on 24 January 2010
      hi 2010-jul03-jul09 ęŕę ěă ĺ ďđĺĺčňĺĺ ĺ đčŕ ě˙ńň ďňę 3 ĺę ŕ thank you
    • Banos Erzsbet from Pszt
      Sent on 18 September 2009
      1001 ve jrtam ebben az orszgban, ebben a vrosban. A valsgban 1985-ben. Szeretettel gondolok r, mert űrt hagyott maga utn, az lmny nem ptolhat mg ennyi v eltelte utn sem. Azt hiszem igazi "szerelem" volt s az marad! :)
    • Andrew from Ukraine
      Sent on 18 August 2009
      Sozopol' is a remarkable city! It is simple fairy-tale!
    • Johanna from Finland
      Sent on 17 July 2009
      What about the nightlife and pubs? What are the "must ones" this summer? Going to Sozopol first week of the August.
    • ian woodbridge from england
      Sent on 21 June 2009
      Just got back from Paradise bay in Sozopol.The weather was great. The area is getting better every year with work and improvements taking place. Food was excellent. With it's investment and ontinued improvements and plans for a water park and golf course will make this a top resort to visit. Well worth a visit.
    • Ilarya Grech from MALTA
      Sent on 15 January 2009
      Was in this hotel for a week as I had a modelling competition!! Simply Great!!! Keep It Up!!
  • Recommended hotels

    Sozopol consists of an old part and new part of the town. The Old Town mainly offers romantic old houses for accommodation, whereas the new part of the town is full of hotels of different categories and prices, from small family hotels to luxury hotels, from bungalows to guest houses.Check out some of the recommended hotels available for online bookings.

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      Blue Orange Complex     
      Resort: Sozopol Show map
      Blue Orange hotel complex is situated on the seacoast itself on the so called Tsarski beach dotted with sand dunes. The complex consists of 2 hotel buildings and 5 three-storey...
      Book now 3.8/5
    • Price from 39 €/night For Studio
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      Bay Apartments Hotel    
      Resort: Sozopol Show map
      Bay Apartments Hotel is situated just 100 m away from the beach in the Budjaka site, near Sozopol. The hotel is just 2 km away from the central part of Sozopol and 1.5 km from the largest beach in the area - Harmani....
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    • Price from 32 €/night For Single Room
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      Costa Bulgara Complex    
      Resort: Sozopol Show map
      Costa Bulgara Complex is situated on the southern part of a spectacular and quiet bay named Tzarski Zaliv, between Chernomorets and Sozopol....
      Book now 4.0/5
    • Price from 56 €/night For Studio
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      Green Life Apartments Sozopol    
      Resort: Sozopol Show map
      Green Life Apartments Sozopol is located on the wide and long beach Kavatsite, near Sozopol. The historic centre of Sozopol is 3 km away from Green Life Beach Resort. Burgas Airport is 40 km away and Duni is 10 km...
      Book now 4.0/5
    • Price from 26 €/night For Single Room
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      Kalithea Hotel    
      Resort: Sozopol Show map
      Kalithea hotel is set on a hill near the beach in Sozopol. The hotel is situated 200 metres from the bus station to Burgas, which is 35 km...
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      Price from 80 €/night For Single Room
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      Laguna Beach Resort    
      Resort: Sozopol Show map
      Laguna Beach Resort is situated in a picturesque area between a small river and the Black sea, overlooking the Tsarski beach. The hotel is located just few km from the old town of Sozopol and at 30 minutes driving distance from the...
      Book now 4.2/5
    • Price from 31 €/night For Studio
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      Pearl Apartments Hotel    
      Resort: Sozopol Show map
      Pearl Apartments Hotel is situated 300 m from Kavatsi beach on the southern Black sea coast near the town of Sozopol....
      Book now 4.0/5
    • Price from 65 €/night For Studio
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      Santa Marina Holiday Village    
      Resort: Sozopol Show map
      Santa Marina Holiday Village is located on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast in a pine forest with beautiful sea view, just 2 km from Sozopol and 34 km south of Bourgas. The nearby town of Sozopol offers many restaurants, bars and...
      Book now 4.3/5
    • Price from 71 €/night For Single Room
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      Selena Beach Family Hotel    
      Resort: Sozopol Show map
      Selena Beach family hotel is situated 30 m from the sea in the Budjaka area, close to the Harmanite beach, in the new part of the town of Sozopol. The hotel offers a direct sea...
      Book now 4.7/5
    • Price from 73 €/night For Studio
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      Serena Residence Apart Hotel    
      Resort: Sozopol Show map
      Serena Residence Hotel is situated 350 m from the Kavatsi beach and 3 km from the center of Sozopol resort. The hotel features 17 studios and 75 suites....
      Book now 0.0/5