Date 09 May 2009

Huge variety of restaurants are available in Sozopol, from the stylish Bulgarian restaurants (like Wind Mill-in the Old Town), to small places around the beaches for fast food, kebabs (everywhere on the streets, price 1 $ for a small kebab and 1.50 $ for a big kebab), pizzas (also sold on pieces, 0.50 $ per piece), etc. The world known fast-food restaurants (McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc.) are not yet presented in Sozopol. Those of you staying at hotel can enjoy the breakfast which is included in the price, but the hotel restaurant usually work as normal restaurants serving food during the whole day. You can see restaurants everywhere with prices which vary, but not much. 2 persons will have dinner with a bottle of wine for around 10-15 $. However some people say that the portions of food are too small. We would recommend the romantic atmosphere of the restaurants located in the Old part of Sozopol, placed directly on the rocks. These places certainly have good atmosphere with the excellent view to Sea and the waves below. For those looking for a good service and lower prices we recommend the restaurant which is located on the Central beach of Sozopol, food is good and the prices are very reasonable.

Comments on Sozopol beach resort (59)
    • Banos Erzsbet from Pszt
      Sent on 18 September 2009
      1001 ve jrtam ebben az orszgban, ebben a vrosban. A valsgban 1985-ben. Szeretettel gondolok r, mert űrt hagyott maga utn, az lmny nem ptolhat mg ennyi v eltelte utn sem. Azt hiszem igazi "szerelem" volt s az marad! :)
    • Andrew from Ukraine
      Sent on 18 August 2009
      Sozopol' is a remarkable city! It is simple fairy-tale!
    • Johanna from Finland
      Sent on 17 July 2009
      What about the nightlife and pubs? What are the "must ones" this summer? Going to Sozopol first week of the August.
    • ian woodbridge from england
      Sent on 21 June 2009
      Just got back from Paradise bay in Sozopol.The weather was great. The area is getting better every year with work and improvements taking place. Food was excellent. With it's investment and ontinued improvements and plans for a water park and golf course will make this a top resort to visit. Well worth a visit.
    • Ian from UK. ENGLAND
      Sent on 10 September 2008
      Just back from a week in Sozopol. 3RD Visist this year. Noticing the changes taking place which is good with the area. Very busy in both old town and new town with the arts festival taking place. Price of exchange is not as good as it should be exchange rates getting 236 lev to the pound. Best place to change is in towns or better rates in Bourgas.Avoid changeing at airport rates very poor plus they charge commission! Nice to see the airport has improved as it was not coping well with the number of visitors as this keeps growing. Still need to get the locals to understand customer service in the restraunts as your meals do never come together? Still lot's of work going on with development. Would like to see development company's and local Major make more efforts in keeping the area clean and tidy. I am very concerned in which the local people have very little and low regards for animal welfare as the dogs are poorly treated or disposed of. Let's hope things improve on that. Need to get confirmation of golf courses planned? and Marina development.
    • Christina from Ukraine
      Sent on 13 July 2008
      Sozopol is great!!!I have just returned from that place and I have so many things to remember.It's so nice to see how this city becomes better and better every year)))
    • Ian from UK. ENGLAND
      Sent on 08 June 2008
      Update . We have just got back from our appartement whcih we visit twice a year. This year has seen a new major, appointed to Sozopol with some new ideas in investing and developing the area? On our most recent visit we noticed a lot more building work going on south of sozopol. This needs to be completed and roads & footpaths need to be done. ( to much building dust) Overall the area is slowing developing into what should be one of the best spots along the coast. Talks of devloping more toursim facalities such as planned golf courses , water parks. This will only improve and enhance the area and bring in the tourisim which is needed. The investemnt shown in other resotrs have showed how good it is for the area. (WATERPARK Nessebar). The resorts need to look at getting opened early, than June as a lot of holiday people where present and not all roads & areas where open. Prices have slightly increased since joining EU some not as good value as it has been in previous years? If the local Major and devlopers get invloved and develop and deliver what propsals they say then the area can and only will get better. A little jewel in there crown if they get it right. Well worth a visit.
    • Woody from UK ENGLAND
      Sent on 09 October 2007
      Overall very nice place to visist and unwind. Area needs to be tidied up. Local developers and council need to help invest and help maintain the area. Nite clubs are best avoided not user friendly belong to the local groups staff take advantage of you with unfair pricing and disrespect. Better use the hotel clubs for enjoyment and safety unless in a group.
    • Ian & Sally Woodbridge from England UK
      Sent on 07 October 2007
      Second visit to sozopol. September 2007. Just got back from a weeks holiday.We have an appartment in the new town south. Overall the area has been developing well with some very nice ,interesting places to visit. The food and hotels are much improved. The only concern that in some areas of the beach and street were to untidy for my liking? I am sure that they will sort this out as it gives a poor impression to what is a very nice resort. It is place that you can go and relax & unwind. Still i belive thety are still to develop the area with more investemnt for the people that visit. The language barrier is a problem but you do your best to communicate.Local people welcome you as a visitor and know it is good for the future development. Well worth a visit. Great value for money.
    • Rudy from Albania
      Sent on 22 August 2007
      In Sozopol I was this month,August 2007.It was very a very intersting place.Many places to go, folk music,tasty cakes and foods,fresh air,....So everything was amazing.I' like to go again the next year. E viva Bulgaria .