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Comments on www.BeachBulgaria.com (30)
    • john carrick from england
      Sent on 24 August 2009
      the pictures in the brochure are of the helios spa hotel and not the helios park, the helios park hotel resembles a concrete multi storey car park. only good point was the pools. bad points, we had to drag 2 suitcases and a buggy up 12 steps to get to the reception, then informed we had a room on the 8th floor which didnt bother us until we found out that the lifts only go to the 6th floor. the lifts are tiny glass like coffins with just enough room to fit small buggy and both parents.balcony was unsuitable for 1 year old child as there was a 6 inch gap at the bottom. food in the so called gourmet restaurant was luke warm and not much choice. we had to ask for the highchair to be cleaned every day as you could tell what our daughter had to eat from the night before. you either pay extra for food from poolside bar or trek 5 floors down to the restaurant for your all inclusive snacks which you cant take out of the restaurant. we found the holiday rep very unco-oprative. pool table in reception cost 2 pound. qwe looked around other 3 star hotels nearby and the difference was amazing, bulgaria is a lovely country but this experience has put us off ever going back
    • emma denial from england
      Sent on 25 July 2009
      i feel that i need to put this comment on as everyone else seems to have totally pulled the hotel down. we booked our holiday then came on here n read the comments and i was totally gutted i thought we was gunna have the worst holiday ever! wen we got there the hotel was to our suprise lovely the floors wa clean the bathroom was clean and the staff was so friendly. in a morning the maids came out early in force to sweep all the paths outside, picked up all the rubbish ect. we had fresh bedding and towels everyday. we stayed in the 3 star bit however i would highly recomend you do not stay in the 2 star bit as the rooms looked so run down you wouldnt believe. the people who have left comments on here must surley have stayed in the 2 star bit either that or they have nothing better to do than complain!!
    • DORINA from KOSOVO
      Sent on 03 July 2009
    • Maria Siska from Hungary
      Sent on 30 July 2008
      I sent a reservation form yesterday late evening for the hotel Nessebar Sol Bay (or Mare)for the date 09/08/2008 - 16/08/2008 for 3 adults+1 chicd. I would like to get family room/or connecting rooms/or two rooms next to each other. Unfortunately I did not get confirmation or any news. Please confirm if you can give me these rooms and please confirm the costs with discount. I prefer payment with credit card. Bets regard Maria Siska +36 30 215 8740
    • Helen from UK
      Sent on 31 August 2007
      Contary to reports, this hotel is much nicer than some people state. In short, my party of 6 adults stayed in 3x 3* rooms and they were cleaned daily, fresh towels were provided daily, sheets changed weekly, the furniture was new and in great condition and our room at least was a decent size. I was expecting much worse after reading some reports, but many referred to the 2* rooms - ***i cannot comment on them as I didnt see them*** The pool area was clean, but beware the tiles surrounding it can become slippery when wet. They also try to charge you 4Lev (about 1.40) per sun bed, which is probably why its not too busy! (Go late afternoon after the beach to avoid paying) there are also massage opportunities, a pool bar (you can sit on stools in the water!), a kids play area, a doctor on site and a bar - green bar as we renamed it. Watch out for the bar maid who can't manage a smile! I guess its true to say parts of the exterior walls of the hotel have seen better days, but it is one of the oldest hotels in the resort. It is however clean - look out for the maids sweeping the pathed areas on the way to breakfast. The toilets near the bar are pretty naff, but only used them once. Breakfast is fine if you're German or Danish, but its not really geared for the English. They have cereal and yougurt and eggs etc, but its not the same as we're used to in the UK. Its also the same each day, so my advice is buy some fresh juicy fruit from 1 of the 2 stalls near hotel bourgas on the way to the beach - only 1 lev for watermelon - bargin! The hotel is in the south of the resort but has a train stop outside to take you to the resort centre for 2 lev, but its easily walkable. its also near lots of great restaurants... and blue bar (near hotel bourgas) that has a 24/7 happy hr on cocktails:-) if you walk to the main road behind the pool and follow it right towards town, a 20(ish) min walk will take you to a cheap restaurant called Kondor on the edge of town. Its on the left side of the road and its heaving so you cant miss it. the food is amazing! we had the best meal of our hol for 5 each!!!! There's plenty more to do from lively bars, clubs, casinos, quiet and busy restuarants, chilled out and comfy bars, 100s of shops selling fake designer goods etc etc... and a golden sandy beach which is clean:-) the sun bed guy is quite sweet and must have an endless supply of 2lev notes - sunbeds and parasols cost 6 lev each/ 18lev for a trio. the water is warm, shallow and safe - its only waist deep at the end of the pier. there are water sports but dont know wat they cost or how safe they are. watch out for the non aggressive jelly fish, I dont think they mean to sting wen they float around playing dead, but if they do it reportedly isnt a bad sting. the water park and nessebar are also worth a visit. we wanted to go diving too, but were told there's not much to see (????). All in all, a bit Benidorm-ish with all the big hotels, but clean, safe and good for all ages - although I would probably recommend it more for adults over children...
    • Csaba Bachus from Hungary
      Sent on 14 May 2007
      We've been trying to contact you, and no answer. What is teh reason for that???? Please, answer!!!
    • George from Bulgaria
      Sent on 06 May 2007
      Hi there, We would like to book one week at Rusalka, Bulgaria from 23.07 , seven nights, two adults with two kids (4 and 6 y). We are already in Bulgaria. Please send best offer in leva or euros without air travel, transfers, etc. Thank you George
    • katherine stradling from uk
      Sent on 07 October 2006
      we have just been to the park hotel continental for 2 weeks holiday. Bulgaria itself is a lovely place and i urge people to go there as the people are friendly and it is a lovely cheap place to go with something for everyone.HOWEVER the park hotel is a rip off do not be decieved by the pictures on the website they just show you the newest part of the hotel.The food wasnt edable at all and we went 3 star but it seemed more like 2 star as all other 3 star hotels in sunny beach were definetly better.The restaraunt staff were rude breakfast was 7-10 but at 10 even if you were eating they switched the lights off and took everything away so if you got up late and went there at 0950 unlucky you had to sit in the dark.The dinner we only went to a couple of times as it was the same stuff every evening chicken with a different colour sauce that wasnt hot at all!The front of the hotel and the bar was a joke.... the wood was rotting away and the glass if you leant on it would of fell through.We were surprissed as the photos on the website looked lovely and although there were mixed comments i thought it cant be that bad oh yes it can it must be the oldest hotel there in urgent need of a refurb!!!
    • lyndsi richards from wales
      Sent on 01 October 2006
      i write here on behalf of my parents and their friend that have just returned from a holiday here at this hotel.. bulgaria itself is a lovely place they have even bought accomadation there which is being build, this was the reason for their visit to see how things were getting on and they booked to stay at the hotel continental which turned out to be the holiday from hell... previewing pictures on here b4 they went they summed the place up to look nice but when they got there they felt like they were in prison cell block h!!! no safe deposit boxes either!! on the 2nd night they were there whilst they slept someone who might be connected to the hotel broke in to their room as they slept even turned on the bathroom light and robbed them of all credit cards and 2400 of money this activity went on through out their stay to other people they managed to use credit card 5 times in 6 mins how they got pin numbers i never know?? experts must be!! some ppl just wanted to go home after being robbed!! whoever is doing this has a master key! money aside its lucky my parents had a few drinks and got into a deep sleep or who knows what could of happened if they woke with the theives in the room! i wouldnt reccomend this hotel to anyone it could be u next! but as i said in begining bulgaria itself lovely just not this hotel. hope this review is of help to anyone just dont want ppl to end up with their holiday being wrecked for these b*****d thieves.
    • magdalena mursez from romania
      Sent on 24 August 2006
      Thank you for helping us having a great vacation in Golden Sands at Kempinski Hotel! Promptness and kindness will find at Profitours. Special thanks to Sirma Rosenova.