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Comments on BeachBulgaria Forum Rules (4)
    • William Sneddon from Scotland
      Sent on 06 February 2014
      I would like to commend you on your new site it is really a modern site and I am sure it will be well used in the days and months to come. I wish you all the best with your new modern website. Bill
    • Kevin Miller from England
      Sent on 11 April 2012
      Hello! Me and my friends (all lads) are looking for a beach holiday in bulgaria. Which resort has the best nightlife? Im looking to avoid british so assume that rules out Sunny Beach! I dont mind travelling a bit so doesnt have close to Sofia! Cheers
    • Anna Obruchev from Russia
      Sent on 25 July 2011
      Accommodation and meals in Bulgaria good, but leave was compromised by lifeguards, who because of so-called waves, I have scarcely left the tourists to enter the water. Too bad this execes zeal, incomprehensible from my point of view.
    • Phil Howard from England
      Sent on 17 October 2010
      Well it's good to read so many different comments on Beach Bulgaria and so many different views. My wife, Debbie, and I have been coming to Sunny Beach since 1988 and have seen many changes as you can probably appreciate. Some are for the good (tourism) and lots for the bad, in our opinion. There are certainly many changes that are attracting the younger traveller, cheap booze, mad pub crawls and seedy sex (rip off) shops. But there is an alternative to having to put up with this rowdiness by staying away from the centre and choosing a hotel away from the front beach area. There are still many places to visit, by bus or car hire within 30-60 minutes from Sunny Beach that will amaze you and show you the 'Real Bulgaria' so don't be put off by all the negatives you read about Bulgaria and the Sunny Beach resort. We decided to emigrate this year and open a British restaurant in Sunny Beach and I have to say it was the best move we have made, hard work for 5 months, but now we reflect and look forward to meeting more new friends in 2011. Should you need any advice or information before coming to Sunny Beach in the future please feel free to contact us, we have plenty of time on our hands now. Regards Phil and Debbie Grandma's Kitchen