Visual Arts Festival in Varna

Author InfoTourism, 07.08.2006
Date 07 August 2006

For fifth time in a row Art in August Fest will take place in Varna from 07.08.2006 to 17.09.2006. At the event 130 Bulgarian artists and 26 international artists from Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, Macedonia, USA and Poland will take place. From August, 7 to August, 17, 40 exhibits and artistic events will be exposed in 20 museums and private galleries in Varna, The fest is organized by the City Arts Gallery- Varna, Georgi Velchev house- museum, and Varna municipality. 20 art and culture critics will make discussions. The fifth festival will be under the name of Nature and Man- Two important concepts. Topics about man and nature have always been a live question worldwide.

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