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The Fifth Mall of Varna Will Have Two 70-Metre-High Towers

Author BeachBulgaria.com, 25 July 2007
Date 25 July 2007

Varna Towers Ltd will receive a first class investor certificate for its project Mall Varna Towers. The investments planned are estimated to 85 million BGN. The two 12-floor towers will be 70 metres high, which will make Varna Mall the highest building in the sea capital. The total area of the complex will be 70 000 square metres, 18 000 square metres of them will be office areas and will be placed in the towers. The trade floors will be found on 52 000 square metres. The new Varna mall will also feature restaurants, fast food, cinemas, bowling, and panoramic terraces. On the roofs of the towers there will be a helicopter landing pad a swimming pool. The project will be realized for 2 years. The first sod of the mall will be turned in August. Varna Mall Towers is the fifth mall project for Varna. The other four include Mall Varna, Gallery Varna, Orchid Mall and Pfohe Mall.

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