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Varna will become cultural capital city of Europe

Author InfoTourism, 10.05.2006
Date 10 May 2006

We also invite the Italians to take part in the organization of Darzalei Sea Festival in 2007.
The mayor of Varna, Kiril Iordanov, was supported by his colleague in Genoa for the coming candidature of Varna for cultural capital of Europe. The mayor distinguished the expected intercession for the candidature, planned for year 2014. Traditionally two cities- one of the old part and the other of the newpart of the European family are sharing the fame of being called cultural capital city each year. The Romanian city Sibiu and Luxembourg were already chosen to represent the cultural capital cities of Europe for next year.

Bulgaria, in partnership with Italy is included in the candidates list from 2007 to 2019. The European Capital City of Culture initiative was first announced in 1985 by Melina Mercuri. The idea aims giving assistance in terms of cultural dialogue and joint understanding between the countries, members of EU. The initiative became very popular and in 1999 transmuted into European Union activity, named European Cultural Capital City. The honoured title is also bestowed to countries, which are not members of EU.

In 1999 host of the European month of culture was Plovdiv. Now Varna is certain ho be host for the coming summer season of Days of Liguria.Genoa is the capital of Liguria region. Varna will also organize a sea festival, called Darzalei in 2007.

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