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Late Summer In Bulgaria Attracts Tourits

Author Standart daily, Krastina Marinova
Date 02 October 2006

Late Indian summer attracts holidaymakers back to the beaches. Hundreds of Varna citizens and guests enjoy sunbathing on the warm sand again. On the first day of October temperatures in Bulgaria's northern Black Sea port ran up to 25 C and the seawater was 20 C warm. The sea is as smooth as mirror and warm as tea, people in Bourgas said. Despite the nice weather the temperature record for October 1 in Varna was not broken. In 1928 thermometers measured 32.8 C, according to Varna weathermen. In both Bulgarian major seaside cities - Varna and Bourgas - the temperature will be about 26 C. The warm spell will continue till the end of the week. It will turn colder Friday and will continue over the weekend and it may even rain. Weather will be nice again in the end of the month when the sun will shine but not warm.

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