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The First Driving Range on the Black Sea Coast is Now Open

Author Golf & Spa magazine, Nov 30, 2007
Date 30 November 2007

On 12 October Varna Golf Club opened the first driving range on the Black Sea Coast. The party moderated by actor Dimitar Rachkov was attended by over a hundred Bulgarian and foreign guests. The golf course and the clubhouse were blessed and sprinkled with holy water by Father Dimitar. District Governor Petar Kandi/arov, Vice-President of the Bulgarian Golf Association Georgi Chuklev, President of Varna Golf Club Krasen Pendov, his Deputy Todor Krastev and other guests teed off simultaneously, which was immediately followed by a fireworks display. A professional instructor demonstrated a shot using his Rolex as a tee -the watch survived intact This had a very inspiring effect on Krasen Pendov, who felt an urge to prove that for a true golfer his expensive watch is part of the game - so, he also put his watch on the ground to use it as a tee, placed the ball on it and shot the ball... together with the watch. The guests were entertained by the virtuoso performance of The Mystique Quartet, and smart models, who demonstrated golf clothing, shoes and equipment. Many of the guests and kids attending the party used the opportunity to make their first shots. The new driving range has all the facilities for practicing all basic elements of the game - driving shots, fairway shots, playing in bunkers, putting shots on the green.

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