Reviews on Balchik hotels

Check out genuine reviews on hotels in Balchik resort in Bulgaria. Find reviews on hotels in Balchik: Regina Maria Spa Hotel, Selena Hotel, Helios Hotel, Mistral Hotel, Lotos Hotel, Los Dos Gallos Hotel, Valeo Hotel and more. Get information for summer holiday on the Black sea coast in Bulgaria.

  • Ragneala Sanda from Romania
    Date: 11 January 2012

    Regina Maria Spa Hotel     

    Only one suggestion - to have separate spaces for smokers and no smokers, rest was excellent!!! view more
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  • Emanuela Stici from Romania
    Date: 27 October 2011

    Selena Hotel    

    Nice and clean hotel with excellent location and very friendly staff. view more
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  • Madalina Balint from Romania
    Date: 12 January 2011

    Helios Hotel    

    very very nice location and very friendly hotel staff view more
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  • Brian Ferguson from Canada
    Date: 08 December 2010

    Mistral Hotel     

    Hotel needs to have 2 keys per room .... I jog in morning meaning I have to lock my wife in room while she is sleeping .... not a safe practice. Hotel parking lot is bumpy, not paved and dark at night ... should be lit for safety reasons. view more
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