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  From Tiffany Little From England, sent on 07 June 2005
I stayed at the Laguna Garden Hotel for the second time last week. I returned home yesterday and today i am trying to find dates so that i may come back with friends in September.

The Hotel is in lovely location. The staff are friendly and efficient, and the catering is good.

not a bad word to be said!
  From Mr & Mrs Bell From Scotland, sent on 24 May 2005
We had a fantastic stay at the Laguna Garden Hotel Last Year. It was very clean, the rooms were great. Food was different but nice, staff thought we were strange when we asked them to flip our eggs to cook the tops, but they obliged. After that other people were asking too. Staff are very polite, friendly and helpful. There was 1 beggar in the market near the hotel, but he never pestered anyone. We were always able to get a poolside lounger. We loved it that much we are all booked up again to go this year.
  From karen wallace From uk, sent on 19 September 2004
very good hotel food not bad either my family and i not long back good holiday had by all.
  From Peter Schwarzmann From Deutschland, sent on 20 August 2004
Hallo zusammen ,
knnten Sie mir bitte die Hotel und Zimmertelefonnummer von Familie Br zuschicken.
Sie sind seid dem 12.08.2004 bei Ihnen im Hotel ( Laguna Garden )
Mit freundlichen Gren
Peter Schwarzmann
  From Debbie Foster From England, sent on 10 August 2004
Visted this hotel from 22nd July-5th Aug 2004 with First Choice Holidays. Upon arrival we were jumped upon by men who we thought worked for the hotel to carry our luggage from the coach to the reception area, later we discovered these men work for the cycle hire outside the hotel and have timetables telling them when to expect the next coach load of unaware tourists! We were first approached as soon as we got off the coach by one man who demanded Lev or Sterling we had no lev in change yet so he asked for 2 so unaware what they expect I handed it over, only to discover the next porter who does work for the hotel who took our luggage then from the reception up to our room and the HE held his hand out and I had no more change and he was very cheesed off with us! But despite our arrival plus one of our suitcases getting damaged it was a lovely hotel and Albena is a lovely clean resort. I traveled with my husband and two children who enjoyed the pool and the beach near by. We would highley recommend the Laguna Garden Cafe Bar directectly outside the hotel to the right who have wonderful friendly staff and a man and woman who play the keyboard, saxaphone and sing. This was our favourite bar and we must mention Vince and Mimi who are a waiter and waitress, please say hello from us (Mimi is small with dark long hair and took a special shine to my son Thomas who is 5 years old, please say hello from him as she cried when we left and it got me upset and I had to walk away before it set me off!. We still sing the songs to him to remind him of his stay as we only returned last Thursday and wish we were still there.

The food in the hotel was a little disapointing. The man who cooked the bacon and eggs needed a bomb up his backside as he cooked tiny pieces of meat that you thought was bacon but tasted more like spam, so slowly and in small ammounts. Also the white off the eggs always were runny so I always used my hand to interpret flip them over to cook them.Somedays we had to queue for food and then we couldnt find a table and had to leave our food and walk out. We did on some occasions have to eat out as our children were so hungry and the restaurant was so busy we had no choice.
The childrens choice was terrible what child wants pizza with peas and sweetcorn on! Most days my kids just ate chips.

The room was very small for 2 adults and 2 children and if they were any bigger we wouldnt have managed with the small wardrobe for the 4 of us. My husband kept his clothes in his suitcase as they wasnt much room.

However the rooms we well cleaned every day and the cleaner was lovely we gave her a 20 Lev note the day before we left and she was so greatful as I beleive they only earn approx 80 per month and they work so hard all day for it.

One thing I noticed is that many of the stalls in Albena are selling items that have not cost them anything more like their skills for example, painting, braiding hair, henna tattoos etc, as they are very poor but very talented. All the people I met in Albena were lovely people and great with children we had no worrys on that score. We went on a trip to Varna to see the Dolphins and then we went into Varna for 2 hours free time before we had to get back to the coach. Varna is great for shopping and so much cheaper but beware of pick pockets and men coming up to you in the street wanting to exchange money beware as they often mix Russian money in with it and rip you off, always use the banks or hotels to exchange money. Later in the holiday we decided to go to Varna on our own in a taxi which cost us 50Lev return which is about 20, it took about 30 Minutes to get there and we paid the driver on our return to the hotel. We also got a taxi for 30Lev to Golden Sands and this was a much bigger and busy resort. Bulgaria is cheap but we still managed to spend more than we thought as the kids drinks in the bars and hotel were 3Lev each and if you bought them from a shop they were 1.5Lev and when they drink so much because of the heat it all adds up. The beer however worked out at 2.50Lev for a large one which is about a 1. Ice creams were cheap outside the hotel in the market street between 0.50-1Lev which is 20-38p.

When we ate out we went to Peters House and the food there was excellent especially the cooked breakefast which had proper baked beans as the ones in the hotel are terrible and taste nothing like beans like most other bars apart from Peters.

Take a photo with you if you want it painting on canvas as they have many talented artists outside the hotel in the market and they are very reasonable. Also I bought a lighter, compact mirror and keyring which they engraved a photo I took onto them, this is something you cant get back home and make great presents.

Basically if you go to Albena in the Laguna Garden dont expect fantastic food although it is edible and acceptable but not to everyones taste, also the hotel is clean and comfortable and the people are great.

Have a good holiday we did!