Ropotamo River

Ropotamo River flows from Strandja Mountain to the Black sea. This magnificent river has salty waters several kilometers after its spring. Carsko kladenche is the only site along the river which provided fresh water for drinking. The flora and fauna along the river is really beautiful and diverse. The fish in the river is mainly sea, because of the salty waters. During some seasons the waters of the river become muddy. Everything here is organic; the colour of the river is strange because of the red plankton. Fishing and hunting in the region are absolutely prohibited. The mouth of the river forms a beautiful firth with a mixture of fresh and salty water. The site is a natural reserve and tourists are only allowed to visit it along specially built tracks. There are a few boats which offer unforgettable boat trip along the river.

Except for all this Ropotamo is famous for the four natural reserves that are within its borders:
- Natural Park Ropotamo (water-lily reserve)
- Zmiiski Ostrov reserves (St. Toma) it is situated close to Arkutino bay. The island is rocky and covered with grass. The rocky formations and sandy stripes with dunes enrich the picturesque sight. There are plenty of cactuses, birds and snakes.
- Arkutino reserve - it is a marsh- lagoon, situate 2, 5 kilometers north- west from the mouth of Ropotamo River. It has fresh water, and sometimes dries up.
- Morski Pelin Reserve - this is the protected area of the sea plant “Sea Wormwood”. The total area of the reserve is 1001 ha. The nature combined high broad-leaved with low bushy plants, lianas, different animal species and birds. The main goal of the reserve is the protection of the water- lily, many plants and birds.

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