Primorsko Fun doesnt have End

Author Bulgarian National Radio
Date 06 August 2008

As every summer the Bulgarian South-coast resort Primorsko is literary occupied by holiday-makers. The colourful multitude is flowing down across the streets of the town, wiggling thought souvenir shops, pavement stalls, restaurants, and vans selling drinks and fast food. The active tourist season, awaited from contractors and visitors, is at its height. The former sleeping village over hanged the sea waives, that used to welcome mainly nature-lovers and nudists, have transformed unrecognizably. In the past near Primorsko used to lie two of the most picturesque and wild beaches of Bulgarian Black Sea. And the only way anyone to stay here was to rent a room in a village house, or to choose the hotel conveniences of the nearby International Youth Center, where was the only disco in the surroundings. Today possibilities for accommodation and fun in the growing resort are countless. And if you get here into the height of the summer, it seems youre in the middle of a huge ant-hill of chaotic hurrying to and fro tourists. Here attractive are not only great accommodation benefits in the brand new hotels and villas, but also the pleasant atmosphere, steeped in good mood and freedom of care. The party for young people doesnt stop till dawn. They fill up night clubs, piano-bars, and discos to relax under the sounds of variety of music genres from chalga rhythms to the last hip-hop and rave hits! During the day the multitude goes to the long beach strip that with great difficulty succeeds to gather the scores of thousands of holiday-makers. And there new diversions are waiting for them. For example, surfing, jets, water ski and so on. You can fly with motor hang gliders over the foaming Black Sea surface or have a trip to Maslen Nos (Butter Cape) site. In the picturesque bay with clams, situated in the most eastern part of Strandzha Mountain you will see ancient Roman town and you can have organized picnic with sea delicacies. And why not you enroll to diving course? For that purpose youll be provided with suitable equipment as well as experienced instructor, who will show you around the enchanting underwater world of the Black Sea. For the guests who are interested in wild nature, there are organized pedestrian and bicycle routes in the nearby preserve of Ropotamo, where we offer jip safari as well. told Zdravko Vasilev from Primorsko municipality. There are built up also several eco-paths. They are not very long, but very interesting, because the preserve is very well held up. Fortunately no human act has been done during the last 50 years on its territory. You can see from short distance wild animals they are not afraid of people, because they have not been object of hunt. The row along the steam of the Ropotamo River which crosses the preserve before pouring into Black Sea is a real adventure. Here you have the feeling youd got into the kingdom of Tarzan! Lazy water of the river breaks a trail between thick wood of broad-leaved trees dug roots into the river bed. Shot up reeds, liana-shaped ivy and marshlands resemble tropical jungle landscape. Its worth to arm yourself with right photo equipment to take photos of the floating water-lilies and other representatives of the local flora and fauna, enlisted in the Red Book of the defended species in Bulgaria. You can rent a saddle horse from Primorsko in order to ride through the reserve or along the sea coast. We recommend you to do this at sunset when the boundless expanse acquires crimson nuance. Sited a long-manned steed, you will feel faster than wind as waves card in your feed! So if you love nature and have adventure spirit, dont hesitate your summer address is Primorsko.

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