Albena map

Albena offers a total of 13,000 beds in 40 hotels, 5 holiday villages and 1 campsite. It has 1 four-star, 17 three-star and 22 two-star hotels.

The resort is intent on offering its guests the best it can by constantly improving hotel facilities and the standard of service.

The resort's hotels are located in a natural environment, either right on the beach or on the nearby hills which command a splendid views of the sea.

Each number shows a certain hotel:

1. Riding ground 9. Dobrotitsa Hotel (and swimming pool) 17. Kaliopa Yacht Pier 25. Orlov Tennis Court
2. Stadium 10. Dobrudja Hotel (and swimming pool) 18. Ganvie Yacht Pier 26. Praga Tennis Court
3. Bowling alley 11. Orlov hotel (and swimming pool) 19. Dobrotitsa Yacht Pier 27. Ralitsa Tennis Court
4. Ralitsa Hotel ( and swimming pool) 12. Tervel Hotel (and children swimming pool) 20. Fun Fair 28. Orchidea Tennis Court
5. Kom Hotel (and swimming pool) 13. Water slide 21. Hang-gliding Runway 29. Sprots and Health Centre
6. Zvezda Hotel (and swimming pool) 14. Kariba Yacht Pier 22. Kaliakra Tennis Court  
7. Kompass Hotel (and swimming pool) 15. Boryana Yacht Pier) 23. Dobrotitsa Tennis Court  
8. Kaliakra Hotel (and swimming pool) 16. Tervel Yacht Pier 24. Kaliopa Tennis Court  


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