Pomorie Spa and wellness

Pomorie Spa resort is situated just 22 km north of Bourgas city on the Black sea in Bulgaria. The resort is placed on a narrow rock peninsula at the Bourgas bay. Pomorie spa and wellness resort possesses unique nature resources and is a perfect site for all year round relaxation and medical treatment.

The climate conditions in the resort are extreme favorable for full relax and pleasant vacation. The continuous sun shining, air rich of ozone, warm and long autumn attract numerous tourists. The seashore in Pomorie is low and the coastal sand contains iron, which gives it favourable medicinal properties. The shallow and smooth coastal sea bottom provides greater conditions for medicinal sea baths.

The Pomorie Lake provides great conditions for mud treatment. The mud in this deposit has a fine structure, plastic with a smell of sulphuretted hydrogen. The upper black layer has high content of hydrothrilite, respectively sulphuretted hydrogen, whereas the lower grey layers are packed with clayey characteristics, highly mineralized and with a fine structure.

Main indications for treatment:
• Disturbances of the locomotory system - arthritic and rheumatic complaints, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic states, gout diseases of the muscles and tendons, etc.
• Gynaecological diseases - chronic adnexitis, parametritis, sterility in women, etc.
• Disturbances of the male reproductive system - chronic prostatitis, operative infiltration, sterility.
• Neurological disorders: neuritis, plexitis, slipped disc, radiculitis, ect.
• Skin diseases - psoriasis vulgaris, eczemas, neurodermatitis, Buerger's and Raynaud's disease.

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