Pomorie area golf resort to go

Author Dnevnik news
Date 22 October 2007

No part of the land earmarked by Cabland, a joint venture between the Pomorie municipality and NGB Consulting, for a golf development in the coastal city of Kableshkovo has been included in the Natura 2000 network of protected sites. The favorable development gives the investor the opportunity to break ground on Wednesday for the 194 mln euro resort. The Black Sea Golf&Country Club will sprawl on 190 ha some 10 km from Pomorie and will boast a 4-star hotel, tennis courts, swimming pools as well as golf and tennis schools. The resort will offer accommodation for 24,000 in villas and apartment blocks, according to Pomorie municipal council chairman Stoyan Stoyanov. The project will create over 3,000 jobs during the construction stage and 800 permanent jobs after completion. Black Sea Golf&Country Club is the first golf center at South Bulgarian Black Seaside, which construction actually starts.

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    • ron macmillan from scotland
      Sent on 08 June 2009
      now that there is no intrusion to the nature reserve from an envoireumental point of view what about the situation of the dispute between the developer and the municipal.can this not be agreed on the basis of what it will do for the to village people in work for them and to improve there villages terible conditions of there roads.and for them to build a sports centre for the young ones living there,this project has been talked about for the last 3 years is it not time for the municipal either grant the construction certificate and get the thing started or deny them and lose out on a major opportunity to change the lives of so many of there own people who have lived and worked hard to better themselves,so shame on the Municipal if all this talk of a golfcourse has only been done for the real estate owners in there municipalty