Reviews on Kavarna hotels

Check out reviews on Kavarna hotels in Bulgaria. Find reviews on Kavarna hotels and information for summer holiday on the Black sea coast in Bulgaria.

  • Kenneth Lobo from India
    Date: 22 June 2013

    Kaliakria Hotel     

    I stayed six nights at the Kalakria Resort in Kavarna and I must say it is a truly stunning resort. As a traveller from Bombay, India, never would I have imagined to find myself in a pool overlooking the Black Sea. Or to witness a friend's wedding... view more
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  • Petru Serban from Romania
    Date: 15 July 2010

    Topola Skies Complex     

    As always the infrastructure was great and room services were good, particularly the cleaning services. Some minor issues on the water pipes and drainage. I would recommend the hotel gives a bit more attention to the restaurant services (the... view more
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