Reviews on Sveti Vlas hotels

Check out reviews on Sveti Vlas hotels in Bulgaria. Find reviews on Sveti Vlas hotels: Berlin Beach Hotel, Paradise Beach Hotel, Garden of Eden Hotel, Caesar Palace, etc. Get travel information for a beach holiday on the Black sea coast in Bulgaria.

  • Lubos Hubka from Czech Republic
    Date: 14 July 2013

    Berlin Beach Hotel    

    Me and my family stayed in Beach Hotel Berlin in Sveti Vlas. This year they introduced a new way to connect to the internet - passwords written on paper and valid only for 8 hours. Additionally I could connect only 1 device. I found this way pretty... view more
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  • Anatolij Blajevic from
    Date: 12 August 2012

    Paradise Beach Hotel     

    Good location. Fine beach. Excelent hotel view more
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  • Mrs Bridget Helen Smith from England
    Date: 07 October 2009

    Garden of Eden Hotel      

    I loved the Garden of Eden at St.Vlas, it's a beautiful hotel with very friendly welcoming staff - the only thing i really thought needed improvement is the selection of food on the a la carte menu - the black sea is full of fresh fish surely you... view more
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  • Karina Gziryan from Italy/Romania
    Date: 20 July 2009

    Tiva del Mar     

    I have been using BeachBulgaria for more than 3 years now. Particularly I was getting help and assistance from Venchislava. She always provided incredible servise and excellent assistance for our family. Venchislava is very professional and... view more
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