Kamen Bryag

The site Yailata, also famous as Kamen Bryag is situated between Shabla and Kavarna. This is the place where the Dobrudja plateau is cut on terraces. Thus several isles, surrounded by stone blocks and green plants are formed. This beautiful site is situated on such terrace. Kamen Bryag is announced to be archeological reserve, because archeologists found here a Thracian necropolis and prehistoric cave dwellings. There are two interesting directions which might be taken- the Small Yaila and the Big Yaila.

The Small Yaila takes you near the sea, where the caves in the upper part of the landslide were suitable for living. Those were small dwellings where primitive people lived. The Big Yaila is the site where is situated the ancient Thracian necropolis with the bicameral tombs from II century. One of the caves is very deep and has a round whole on the ceiling, which most probably suites as a chimney. A small track will lead you to a wall of a fortress, close to which remains from stone tubs and wine- presses were found.

These sites were inhabited by Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Slavs, Bulgarians and all of the tribes used that sacred place to pay tribute to their gods. Except the numerous remains from ancient civilizations, these sites are captivating visitors with its wonderful flora and fauna. The rocks are visited by rare birds- cormorants, owls, golden eyes and etc. The rock cracks are inhabited by reptiles. The bushes, peonies and fig- trees along the tracks are a magnificent decoration of this wild site of quietness, which forces the human imagination to work faster. This is one of the regions where the wine industry was founded- this is the natural topography of the wild vine.

A kilometer and a half from Yailata is the “eternal flame” site. This is the place for the meeting of the colourfully dressed disciples of the wild life, of the girls with bracelets on their ankles and wreaths of flowers in their hairs. Each year these young people welcome the July Morning on this site.

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