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Black sea coast spa centres

The Black sea coastline in Bulgaria is rich in thermal water resources which are slightly mineralized, hypothermal with a height value of pH and high water capacity. Plenty of thermal mineral water springs, curative firth mud, lake brine, lye, favorable sea climate and attractive landscape can be found in some of the most popular beach resorts in Bulgaria.

Plenty of thermal mineral water springs, curative firth mud, lake brine, lye, favorable sea climate and attractive landscape can be found along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Mineral water and healing mud can be found in Durankulak, Shablenska tuzla, Balchik, Golden sands, St Constantine and Elena, Varna, Kamchia and Pomorie or almost in every part of the north coastline to Bourgas. 

There is a whole variety of facilities like baths, kinesitherapy, mineral pools with healing water resources, electro and light treatment, electrophoresis and etc. These services as well as world - class health programs are offered in Grand Hotel Varna Resort & Casino the international home of Scientists “F. J. Curie”, Sunny Day Complex, Dobrudzha hotel in Albena resort complex.

Mineral waters along the Bulgarian Black sea coast have different physical and chemical characteristics, but they are generally with low mineralization. Very valuable are the salty highly mineralized waters containing iodine and bromide in Kamchiya region and Tylenovo. Thermal waters in the resort area of Albena and Balchik are slightly mineralized with a whole range of healing indicators for treatment. The mineral water of the Balchishka Tuzla is with similar components. There is a mud health center offering mud procedures and applications for the so called “Egypt method”. A specially designed children center takes care of kids under 14 years old through kinesitherapy and healing massage procedures, hydro thermal pool area and many others.

Varna - the gem of the Bulgarian Black Sea with a convenient and well conserved water area is the largest sea climatic and balneology center in Bulgaria where mud treatment, sun, sea and sand procedures are gaining popularity and attracting tourists. The city’s peculiar sea charm is sublime and moving with its 12 thermal springs with slight mineralization and high level of temperature difference (28° C - 52° C), high water flaw capacity and the ledge of firth mud in Varna lake.

Beyond the high season its balneotherapy facilities can help you unwind and enjoy the many sights and sounds in peace. The chemical composition of the water in the spa balneology center “St. Constantine” is also good for the human organism. The thermal water in Golden sands and Riviera area is suitable for systematic treatment.

Bourgas thermal baths, located 15 kilometers from the 4th largest city in Bulgaria, are among the most ancient balneology spa resorts described in the memorials of Philip Makedonski, dating back to the 4th century BC. The thermal water is slightly mineralized, hypothermal with a height value of pH and high water capacity. The healing water resources in combination with the mild and specific favorable climate conditions are the perfect opportunity for all year round prophylaxis, treatment and active vacation and recreation. The mineral water in the area of Nessebar and Sunny Beach contains similar chemical components but with higher temperature.

The resort Pomorie, one of the best known mud treatment and seaside resorts possesses a unique nature which makes it an attractive place for year - round recreation and treatment of various diseases. The town was founded during the 6th-5th century BC near salty lake called by the ancient Thracians “sacred” because of its curative qualities. It is situated on a peninsula 22 km north of the city of Bourgas. It is proved that according to its qualities Pomorie curative mud, extracted from the salty lake, is among the best in the world. Pomorie is famous for its curative mud, the favorable sea climate, sea, sun and beach.

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