Ice Rink on Top of Varna Mall

Date 25 October 2006

The visitors of Varna Mall, which is in progress of construction now, will have the unique opportunity to skate on top of the trade centre, at 28 metres of height. The ice rink will be open all year round and will be situated on one floor together with the bowling hall and other entertainment facilities. There will be a variety of restaurants, cafes and places for relaxation in the area as well. The investors plan hiring professional hockey and skating trainers, who will help beginners. At a later stage skating tournaments can be organized at the ice rink. Varna Mall, whose first sod was turned on in September, will feature shopping centres, a supermarket, and modern cinema halls with a 1300-persons capacity, kindergarten, fitness and wellness centre.

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    • jenny from uk
      Sent on 12 February 2008
      when will varna mall be complete?