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Sea Hydrofoils between Nessebar and Istanbul

Author, 19 April 2007
Date 19 April 2007

The high-speed passenger ships will transport tourists from Bulgaria to Turkey. Investor of the project is the Bourgas trader Radostin Dachev, who also privatized the Bourgas cinemas. The first hydrofoil, bought by him is named Laura and can seat up to 240 passengers. The vessel develops speed from 3 to 4 knots and will take the distance from Nessebar to Istanbul for 5 hours. The ship will depart from Nessebar Seaport each evening and will arrive to the Turkish borders early in the morning. The sea busses used to also serve the lines Bourgas-Varna and Bourgas-Sozopol. The last hydrofoils stopped to work about 15 years ago, after they were stated unprofitable.

Comments on Hydrofoils (3)

    • Peggy Wright from USA
      Sent on 16 July 2009
      I am just wondering if anyone knows if these hydrofoils are running again. As of summer of 2009. Thank you, Peggy
    • Iain Rodgers from UK
      Sent on 23 April 2007
      I'm looking forward to trying this soon. Unfortunately there's not very much information or publicity about it. It seems a very exciting idea.
    • Neil Hetherington from Scotland
      Sent on 19 April 2007
      Good news!.Certainly beats the bus.We hope to use the service this summer.