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A memorial Battle Event - Attraction in Bourgas Region

Author BourgasGuide, 14.06.2006
Date 14 July 2006

A memorial battle at the ancient Rusokastro area will be re- created as an attraction event on Sunday 16th of July at 5.30 pm. Rusokastro is the place, where Bulgarian Ivan Alexander King wins the last battle with Byzantium, before the fall of Bulgaria under Turkish slavery. According to archeologists there are some evidences, showing that Rusokastron Fortress is an ancient village, dating back to Thracian time. The specialists make some prognosis that the excavations in the region may continue 50 years and may prove to be the biggest historical event ever for Bourgas. Ancient swords and racial stud- horses are provided specially for the event. After the show, folklore concerts will entertain the Rusokastro guests in the centre of the town. Many historians, archeologists, journalists and politicians are invited to takle part in the event. The celebrations are organized by Kameno municipality mayor- Dimitar Kotorov, the manager of the Regional Museum of History- Tsonia Drajeva and the president of Rusokastron Fortress Foundation - Angel Stankov.

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